Tax Lien and Deed Investing -Do I Have To Evict A Tenant After Tax Sale?

Tax Lien and Deed Investing -Do I Have To Evict A Tenant After Tax Sale?

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After A Tax Sale Do I Have To Evict A Tenant?

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Hi, its John Lane from…if you do know about we are the website that has provided tax sale lists, over 10,000 a year, for the past eleven year and also provide the only tax sale training done by somebody who has been a major buyer of tax liens (over 77,000 tax sale properties acquired over the past 20 years).

Today I want to answer a question we get from a lot of people. Do I have to Evict A Tenant?

Most people think if they get the property that they will have to evict the tenant and they are nervous about having to do that.

Again, this is not something you have to worry about as this process is taken care of the vast majority of cases by the taxing jurisdiction.

You are not responsible for the eviction of the tenant. Keep in mind by the time the redemption period is over and you can get title to the property the residents of the property have received numerous notices telling them to vacate if the lien has not been paid.

In our experience, the residents (either previous owners or renters) have vacated the property long before we get title to it.

What if they don’t leave? This rarely, in our experience, has occurred, but if it does it still is not a problem as the Sheriff will evict the residents before you take possession of the property.

In most cases this is done at no cost to you.

To sum it all up.

The county has sent many notices to the residents of the property that they have to vacate if the lien has not been paid.

The residents in the vast majority of cases will have vacated before you get the property.

If it turns out they have not vacated, the Sheriff will evict the tenant…it is not your job to evict anybody.

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9 thoughts on “Tax Lien and Deed Investing -Do I Have To Evict A Tenant After Tax Sale?”

  1. You have to go to court to rid yourself of tenants in any state . You are responsible for the tenants that are living on the property and must give them ample time to leave through the courts.The Sheriff comes in after a 72 hour notice is left at the premises and moves everything out then the locks are changed legally. I don't know WTF this guy is talking about!

  2. what if you have renters in good standing who were renting from the previous owner and you want to live on the property

  3. Sorry if I gave the wrong impression – the sheriff does the eviction in every jurisdiction we have dealt in (over 20) but you may have to file an eviction action in some. In our experience in the majority of jurisdictions we dealt with the eviction action was rarely needed either due to the tenant already having left or the taxing jurisdiction doing the eviction.

  4. Not sure where you are located and if what you state in the video is true there, but in my area you generally have to evict, and the Sheriff's office is less than helpful. You have to go through the court and get a regular eviction filed against the former owner. Only then does the Sheriff become moderately useful.

  5. This info is not true. If there is a tenant in the property, you will be required to follow the same procedure as any landlord in your jurisdiction.

  6. This is not my experience in Arizona.
    I have the deed but now having to deal with the current residents.
    If they don't cooperate, I'll have to evict.
    Alan Stratton

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