Pinellas Home Energy Symposium 2013 - Invest in Everyday Energy Savings

Pinellas Home Energy Symposium 2013 – Invest in Everyday Energy Savings

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Invest in Everyday Energy Savings – Panel Discussion & Questions

Dr. Jennifer Languell, Founder and President of Trifecta Construction Solutions. Dr. Languell’s work has included the creation of award-winning single and multi-family
residential homes, commercial projects, and some of the largest and most sustainable land developments in the world. She is a trusted consultant to governments and knows the challenges of energy efficiency in a hot, humid climate.

Mikle Gordon, Supervisor, Residential Markets Operations -North Coastal Region, Duke Energy. Having 13 years of demand side management field experience, Mr. Gordon directs a team of 11 regional employees, including Energy Advisors, DSM Program Inspectors, New Construction and Multifamily Account Executives.

Jeremiah Rohr, Project Manager, Solar Source Institute (SSI). Mr. Rohr has had a lifelong interest in solar applications, both thermal and PV. Having designed and built passive structures and active solar systems, he has received his NABCEP Certificate of Knowledge for PV from SSI and is the lead instructor for thermal classes and other introductory programs for SSI.

Paavo Salmi, Planet Green Group. In partnership with Greenergy, the company enhances local communities through green improvements, energy efficient homes and green job growth. This developer is building cutting-edge Net Zero Energy townhomes in Dunedin, to promote alternative home ownership opportunities with lower ownership costs.

Dan Schaefer, Senior V.P., Energy Districts, Ygrene Energy Fund. Mr.Schaefer develops solutions and roll-out strategies to implement clean energy upgrade financing programs with municipalities across the country. Dan also leads partnership development with a range of financial and construction organizations to support Ygrene projects.

For more information about sustainable living as well as water & energy conservation visit:

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