New Construction Houses: Exposed.

New Construction Houses: Exposed.

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37 thoughts on “New Construction Houses: Exposed.”

  1. I reduced a client’s new construction cost by having them pick out the colors etc knowing they were over 5k their pre qual. The builder gave me a look and brought down the price.

    I told my clients this beforehand and we played it perfectly

  2. NOOB: Thinks he is a Real Estate Master and denies the obvious Bubble because he's been doing real estate for 9 years PROS: Don't make youtube videos and get rich doing the opposite of what cocky young Realtors with leased sports cars do

  3. noobs – watch uncle G amd save up a million dollars to invest with him in 15 years

    pros – watch meet kevin and start small and scale their way up

  4. I like these videos the only question I have why upgrade all that new stuff? I understand the color on the walls but if everything is supposed to be new why replace an pay more.

  5. You forgot to mention the shoddy builds with new construction can be a nightmare.some of the builders in my area people are having nothing but problems with there new construction. And that warranty can be a joke once they get your money they are done with you.

  6. Been supporting this channel since day 1 ! Time to start chasing dreams of my own Subscribe to my channel for videos that will make you laugh and make you appreciate what you have , Thanks

  7. New construction is mostly garbage. This comes from 46 years of swinging a hammer. When the "trophy house" craze started in the late 80's, better qualities of lumber became more scarce. These days homes are built from word chips & glue plus sawdust & glue for trim. Having been a builder for over 30 years & dealing with the real estate world & now having a brokers license for the last 6 years just confirms that the entire real estate industry is built on a foundation of smoke, mirrors, bullshit & opinions. Homes in places like Italy & other parts of Europe are several hundred years old & have been through centuries of earthquakes.

  8. This is the early experimental phase of your YouTube channel. Seeing a lot of video formats, it’s like a gallery of ideas lol.

  9. Hi sir how's your day? I think it was good
    I am from a chantry which is so small which is bangladesh. That's why it was good to be a Bangladeshi. I know that you are so busy parson. Main region to massage u that i have time and courage that u need. I can help u if u like to. Give me a chance. Your regard, saiful

  10. My Brother's Father in-law got an inspector job for a building company and he had never been in construction and didnt have any sort of licence or training, he literally knew nothing and he was the guy who the new home owners would call under their warranty with the building company when they had a problem to come asses what needs to be fixed. My Dad happen to be looking for a new job at this time and got the same job with my Brother's Father in-law's reference. My Dad built planes for over 20 years including interiors on private jets where he had to make it look like a house inside, so he had a lot more experience but still did not have any licence to be an inspector. The horror stories he would tell no one would believe. This was like 3 years before the housing bubble crash and the homes were selling at $700k in Santa Barbara county CA. They had offered him a chance to buy one of the new houses for $200k and after the crash the majority of the houses were foreclosed and resold in the $250k range. Some of the things he saw in these newly finished homes were covered over windows with drywall. Bathrooms with no toilet because the tilers covered the pipe drain and since there was no hole the people installing toilets just left it. Stair rails not installed but just set there so that when you go to grab the rail the whole thing bowed. Cracking tiles because the floors were never leveled correctly. Sockets and switches that had no wiring at all just placed there. Roof tiles installed wrong so there was leaking and some roof tiles were just never installed. Gutters never installed. Concrete patios and driveways that sloped toward the houses. Cabinets that couldn't open because of their placement next to a wall or another cabinet. Doors that couldn't open. Just so many problems and he inspected for this company who built in one area over 1k houses. My Husband's best friend bought a few houses in that area at auction and had to put in over $100k of work in just one of them and it is still not done. The upside is that the area is nice because its near all new shopping centers just built 10 years after the houses were built.

  11. I am studying to become a doctor and my tuition is already paid for as of being a doctor I believe i will have a good salary and should i start investing once i get my first paycheck?

  12. Wow! I just bought a new house in a pretty bad location but at a low price… I could sell it for 2-3000$ profit. Should I do that and search for a wedge in a better zone? I want to live there for 1-2 years then rent it out, just like you teach.
    Best from Romania!

  13. James Stack, who predicted the 2008 real estate crash and nailed last year’s housing slowdown with uncanny timing, is back with some bad news for 2019.

    “Housing could be heading for its worst year since the last housing crash," Stack, 67, said in a phone interview. “Expect home sales to continue on a downward trend in the next 12-plus months. And there’s a significant downside risk to housing prices if a recession takes hold.”

    Jim StackSource: InvesTech Research

    Last January, Stack was practically alone when he warned rising mortgage rates would expose housing’s affordability problem and “the risk that today’s highly inflated housing market will again end badly.” The day after Bloomberg published his comments on Jan. 22, homebuilder shares began a 10-day slide, and ended the year down by more than a third.

    Almost a year later, the signs of coming distress in property markets — and the broader economy — are only increasing, said Stack. Home purchase contracts in the U.S. fell 7.7 percent in November, according to a National Association of Realtors index. Consumer confidence dropped in December. And a gauge of U.S. manufacturing plunged by the most since 2008, only a day after Apple cut its sales outlook, prompting investor worries about a global growth slowdown. -Forbes

  14. Most new construction "warranties" are usually bogus! I have seen many of them be unusable due to the construction companies dissolve after they sell out the subdivision and move on, or go bust repairing shotty builds.

  15. Hey Kevin I think your too focused on how people, companies, investors, banks, realtors, mortgage companies, make money in reality lol

  16. Great video Kevin. Well thought out and gave lots of info to us folks! Keep making more of this and please continue to stay away from flaunted your material success like a new Rolls Royce SUV or something! Thank you!!

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