Invest in Detroit Real Estate with Edwards REO Realty

Invest in Detroit Real Estate with Edwards REO Realty

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Corey Edwards, broker/owner once envisioned a team of realtors that would help service the homebuyers and investors seeking home ownership in the Metro Detroit Area. Visit for more…

8 thoughts on “Invest in Detroit Real Estate with Edwards REO Realty”

  1. If you could get this in the UK for 15K there would be a queue the length of the street outside the real estate office.

  2. Buy this for $15,000 .. put a solar panel for $10,000 … then you go inside the city to buy water in kegs, right ??? right ???? since there is no water there

  3. Hi Eward, I really like your video. I am interested in a home in Detroit. I was wondering if you can find a perfect home for me? I'm looking for a house where i can mount a 50. cal machine gun out the bedroom window. Also, if you have something where there's a underground shelter for my families. Thanks

  4. @edwardsreorealty can you send me a message so I can give you my email address? I would like to receive a list of foreclosed properties for sale in Detroit.

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