42 thoughts on “Florida And McDonald’s”

  1. McDonald's food is garbage alone with all others lord when blk ppl learn to cook more healthier food at home you wouldn't think twice about fast foods

  2. Cave people kill me they actually think they are in some position to tell BP how to act, some red neck Jim Bob ass dude thinks he is superior white supremacy at its worst. I hope they fire him.

  3. Latino as non-,existence nationality! Yet many want to spout this are Hebrews when they are really Edomites!! As awtful as this incident is there only this clear- The Mexican are not a Brethren!

  4. they call you nigger you fire back with cracker that's why i don't eat at fast food restaurants if i can't see you make my food then i don't want it

  5. I would have enter McDonald's while this guy was recording then proceed to brutalize all three (equality remember feminists), especially that banana loving b*ch.

  6. This FABULOUS, now lets run this to the LGBT community and demand they explain themselves since they love calling black folks out on gay jokes

  7. Greetings, Brother Taurean Reign. Indeed! All three of those neanderthals need to be fired. In addition to that, the Brother needs to sue McDonald's, and that cave becky who made the 911 call should be charged with whatever crime it is to utter false allegations to a 911 operator (perhaps obstruction of justice).

  8. I hope princess Isabella has this much mouth for McDonald's when they fire him. And as far as the 2 BECKYS are is concerned they can can go down with their princess Isabella.

  9. Wade Robson and Safechuck are mad because they lost their civil suit just recently and are trying to come back again and try their case again. They want a piece of MJ's estate now that its worth billions. When they thought MJ was broke, they didn't see any need to lie.

  10. Black men, excuse me, STRAIGHT Black men be on alert. As for the gay black men, run to white daddy as you always do and take your chances because we won't take you back. This is your gift for turning on your kind.

  11. McRacist peckerwoods! The trailer ape calling the brother the n-word sounds and looks sweeter than a bottle of Mrs. Butterworths pancake syrup with his pillow biting ass.

  12. I don't even really eat out like that because I don't trust people. If I can see them make it directly maybe. We need to stop patronizing these places and being so trusting. The person making your food has a lot of control when you really think about it. You really don't know what you're eating.

  13. This is Not a 'Gay vs. Black' thing, it is 'White vs Black'.
    ….It just so happens that the Crakka in question is 'Gay'.

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