Exploring the Tampa RV Show - Our RV Life

Exploring the Tampa RV Show – Our RV Life

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With a show as large as the Tampa RV Show there are definitely some new and exciting things to check out!

Canon G7X:
GorillaPod Focus:
Canon 70D:
Canon 10-18mm Lens:
Shure VP83 Shotgun Microphone:
DJI Phantom 3 Drone:
GoPro Hero 4 Black:
Flex Clamp for GoPro:
Atomik Drone Backpack:

Bob Stroller:
iBert Front Mounted Child Bicycle Seat:
Deuter Kid Comfort II Child Carrier:
Inglesina Fast Table Chair:
iPad Mini:
iPad Mini Case:
Stokke Flexi Bath Tub:

Weber Q2000 Grill:
Viair 400p Compressor:
Sea Eagle SE370K_P Pro Inflatable Kayak:
Leveling Blocks:



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36 thoughts on “Exploring the Tampa RV Show – Our RV Life”

  1. I like these less known companies like Phoenix Cruiser and Coach House. They seem to be better built and I like the idea of buying direct from the factory. I wish, however, there were more owner video reviews of them.

  2. 89,000 is over budget really if you make like 40,000 to 50,000 a year.
    Of course we're talkin factory here and not custom.

  3. I wish i was rich so i could buy you guys the one with the tub lol. your reaction was priceless. You guys require so little to be happy. Very Blessed.

  4. Man i so enjoy you and your families videos. If you guys had a tv show i would sure watch. Thanks for letting me explore with you. Safe travels.

  5. Lmao ….I was just watching your video and saw the Red van at the start, it had Screens on the back.

    I was thinking they would be great on the windows here in UK, these Clowns don't have Screens on the windows, last night I left the window open a Tiny bit because it was warm.

    This morning my nephew woke me to tell me their were 2 Pigeons in the living room …..lmao

    It's Totally Crazy that the Brits don't have Screens as Standard on the house windows!

    They must love the idea of Bugs coming in the house!

    No wonder I prefer living in America, you guys make life easier!

  6. My husband sells RV’s, and Nathan, you got it down! You sold me several times on different models, LOL! Im sure these RV companies would love to have you work for them! GREAT JOB loved touring the show with you guys. Looking forward to the 2018 Tarrant County RV Show (formerly the Ft Worth RV Show) this January.:o)

  7. That guy said $215,000 for a travel trailer, that is nuts, you could buy a house. Also I have heard that manufacturers put the max lbs on the axle and you haven't even put your stuff in it so that can be a problem too. wonder do you see RVs for Handicapped? if so , more $$$?

  8. When are US RV manufacturers going to bring their carpentry into the 21st century, dark wood, face mounted doors, they look like the inside of a cheap home. I know our European vans are smaller and expensive but the quality is a million miles better.The only thing that rattles in my 28ft motorhome is the cutlery.

  9. That New Horizon is nice but I would rather have the Airstream. There's something about the way it looks when your out boondocking with nature all around.

  10. I really like Class C's. They are very small and compact and yet great use of space, is sure get something bigger if I could.

  11. Hey new subscriber, and whats so interesting is I was at this show on Thursday. ..ha! Seen ya all on RVLove, so now seeing your vids, very inpressed at your way of capturing and style of video! Native Floridian here…

  12. I am enthralled at these new RV's.  They are becoming better and better.  I use to own RV's from the  70's, no comparison.  Thank you for sharing.  Enjoyed it immensely.

  13. Suggestion… Weeden Isle in St. Petersburg. Great video and cool for your kid. I used to live there and took my kids a lot. Nature and birds and a lookout tower. You went to some cool places where I live in Colorado but you won't find anything that natural in Florida. enjoy!

  14. i wish we could be able to thumps up more than once for this beautiful family, their baby is such a lovely kid.Thanks for the good work guys.

  15. ok guys I've been following you guys for quite some time because I'm looking to do the same as you guy but it's just me and my 7yr princess, so I have to ask what is really better? I have a good budget up up to 100,000 more if needed but I don't really want to go above that I'd like to actually stay less then 50 so my question is what is really better to live full-time in I was thinking either a toy hauler or a Class A because I want to be able all our toys around an experience all that America has to offer but I'm unsure if I buy a toy hauler then I have to buy a vehicle to pull it versus if I buy a Class A then I have to buy a enclosed trailer to pull the toys help single dad in South Carolina looking to purchase by June of 2017

  16. at 8:29 in the video, $215,000 was that a travel trailer? it was nice but ???? this must be beyond my comprehension, what is involved in a $15,000 generator

  17. I love Rv's but it is usually one of those impulse purchases that are not necessary for most people, unless you are planning to live in it most of the time, in my neighborhood there is many of them collecting dust and depreciating in value every year they seat there.

  18. I love when you guys do these are V walkthrough episodes they're my favorite . we set our two year plan in motion a few months ago so we're at about a year-and-a-half now till take off . the one that interests me the most was Montana 41 FB I think is what it was called. What do you guys think about that one? I think that would be my choice for full-time in with me and my wife.

  19. You guys really do a great job with the RV tours. You make it fun, informative and your down to earth. What you see is what you get. Thank you!

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