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Modernized ThyssenKrupp Hydraulic Elevator at the 8000 Shoal Creek Medical & Retail Center.

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Another Dover Impulse Bites the Dust:

Riding the newly modernized elevator at the 8000 Shoal Creek Medical and Retail Center Building in Austin, Texas, and even though some of the equipment was replaced, one unique thing about this elevator is that this is the first ThyssenKrupp elevator in Austin to use the newer ThyssenKrupp logo.

General-ThyssenKrupp/Holeless Hydraulic.
Performance-2000 Lbs/20 HP.
Distance-20 feet/2 floors & 100 FPM.
Year-Installed/1984, Modernized/2018.
Fixtures-Dover Impulse (original), ThyssenKrupp Vandal Resistant (new).